Tuesday, 22 February 2011


Another re-read of a book I first came across over 20 years ago. This is a fictional interpretation written by Anya Seton, of Katherine Swynford’s story as mistress and then wife of John O’Gaunt. In my opinion Seton is an underrated writer of fiction and as well as being well written this book appears to be based on very thorough research and many sources are cited. Katherine’s story is fascinating and as well as being a direct ancestor to the Tudors and therefore the current royals she was also sister-in-law to Geoffrey Chaucer. Some artistic license and a considerable amount of 'romanticising' has been employed in the writing however, and it is worth reading Alison Weirs biography of Katherine to redress this. But if you enjoy good writing, interesting and memorable characters and historical fiction give this story a go – it is well worth it.

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