Monday, 17 January 2011

The Devil's Feather


If I had to choose one crime writer to read it would be Minette Walters. I think she is a brilliant story teller and inventor of really appealing characters - and some not so appealing - but all fascinating. I love all her books but The Devil's Feather would probably be my first choice … only 'probably' though.

This one introduces Connie, a hard hitting journalist working in war torn Sierra Leone and other war ravaged countries. She is kidnapped and humiliated while working for Reuters after she has tried to expose a suspected serial killer. Connie returns to the UK, terrified and suffering from panic and anxiety. How she confronts her fears and the help she receives from new ‘friends’ makes for a tension filled thriller with a wonderful ending (in my opinion anyway). For me this book is compulsively readable and sits firmly on my ‘favourite’s’ shelf.

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