Saturday, 22 January 2011

Mapping The Edge

Sarah Dunant is a relatively new author to me and I am very glad to have found her. I have seen reviews of ‘The Birth of Venus’ trilogy but not really considered reading it despite enjoying historical fiction from time to time. I recently read an interview with Sarah Dunant that was interesting so when I saw a copy of ‘Mapping the Edge’ in a charity shop I bought it and started it almost straight away. It is very, very good.

It’s the story of Anna who goes missing on a trip to Italy; of what happens to her (or may have happened to her); and of the ‘family’ she leaves behind. The structure of the book is fascinating and was a bit strange to start with but just a few chapters in I could not put this book down. It works as a tense thriller (at times I was almost literally on the edge of my seat), and as a story of intricate relationships. I loved it and can’t wait to read her other thrillers and the historical trilogy.

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